Right now i wish to go back and be with my friends again. oh, how I’ve missed  them so. 

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i will always remember….

i will always remember you icey blue eyes, that memorized me every time i looked into them. I sank in them and i never came out hole again. i left a part of me inside of them. especially while you constantly wore the same brown jacket every day no matter the weather it made you paler but your brighter.

I will always remember how when you smiled or laughed a hint of pink would sneak into you pale cheeks and how wonderful you looked and it made your blue eyes, seem brighter.

I will always remember how when our hands touched your hands were warm and trustworthy. How the first time we held hands your hand was hot and clammy because you were so nervous from trying to get the courage to do it

I will always remember how kind you were to me, you would always get my book for me despite the fact it would be my turn to go get them, and our conversations and that you were there for me.

I will always remember you, and i don’t know if you even remember me or if i’m just some image just buried beneath years of clutter. 

The fact that i didn’t realize how much more important you were to me before you left and moved away is something else i will always remember.

I still wonder where you are and what you’re like now, but i will probably never find out and i’ll just stay here daydreaming and continuing life.

You are forever printed into my mind

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There is a major pressure to have pricey things and a pricey life. To be better than everyone else and that’s not what life is all about. Just be happy and enjoy what is given. If a extravagant life happens, it happens, but don’t kill yourself for it. But don’t be someone who gives up and doesn’t give a shit. It’s necessary to give a small amount of fucks/shits/damns to be content and have motivation to do more and widen ones mind with experiences. Accept the basics and simple before accepting the extravagant. (I’m not here to tell you how to live I’m just giving my two cents) 

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I’m fading away from myself. Fading away only to leave behind a dull outline of who I am. I can’t stop this fading. I want this to stop. But something keeps pulling me away from my outline. I end up stuck in a box far away yet I can still see my outline. My outline is just standing there, lost, needing something but doesn’t know what it needs. Yet here I am stuck in box, stuck for a unknown amount of time.

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